Monday, November 1, 2010

Bon Anniversaire a Nous

Today marks the one year anniversary of Duchess and Bird.  What started as a "what if" between two old friends has become a  delightful reality.
This year has seen us in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Denver, Dallas, and towns in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire searching for treasures for you.   We are branching out in 2011, adding "Tour Guides" to our resumes as we endeavor to introduce Paris to a group of women going for the first time.  We will be at their beck and call, but are going early to scour the French and Belgian flea markets for Duchess and Bird.  We anticipate adding more tours to Paris in the future, so do check in with us if you are interested.
We hope you have been in touch with your Pierce Brosnans and Gerard Butlers, ( see post below) to whisper your Christmas wishes to them.  You must remember, however, that Pierce and Gerard belong to US, and will be getting us something special again this year.  So you will need to find your own guys who are eager to indulge you.   You can be sure that they have all been in touch with us, and  have put your specially chosen gifts right here on Duchess and Bird. Go to "Gerard's Picks" to find the very one that has your name on it.  They want to spoil you.  Let them!

Thank you, one and all, for helping to make our first year such a grand and exciting adventure. We hope you will return to visit us often, and we look forward to meeting new friends.  We sincerely hope you enjoy the beginning of this wondrous holiday season.

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