Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Markets of Ile Sur La Sorgue

When we travel to find treasures in France we like to go in the winter or early spring when the tourists are gone and you are surrounded by the locals. A little cold or rain doesn't deter us in the least.

The Sunday market offered goods of all kinds.  Locally made tapenades, honey from lavender and many more flowers, provencale' fabrics in tablecloths, duvets, napkins, seat covers and even vinylized yardage to make your own!  You know the foodstuff are fresh from local sources.  We found a trove of sweet smelling guest soaps and shared a chocolate croissant as we wandered through on our way to brocantes across the bridge.

Have you ever seen so many varieties??  The colors bowled us over.  We wish we dared to bring the olive oils back with us.

We only took one photo inside one of the shops since our bags were getting heavy and we had miles to go.  The colors with the red fire buckets on the whitewashed trestle table really sang to us.  Every stall had enchanting displays and you sort of hated to buy anything and ruin their  vignettes but we did! We then headed outside to the Sunday market where the locals pull up to the street beside the river and set up tables to sell their wares.  We meet some wonderful people and found some wonderful old finds.


We were sad to say good bye to this magical place but we were heading back to Paris to seek out more treasures and our cute driver was waiting.

We will be returning again and again I am sure in the years to come.