Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January in Paris

After a snowstorm everyone came out to play.  These wonderful spheres are in the courtyard by the Palais Royale The snow didn't last more than day but it was certainly enjoyed by all!

While in Rouen we stumbled upon the Ceramics Museum filled with lovely china and porcelains.  It was their motor court that caught our imaginations.  The urn overflowing with flowers is actually glass.  The ice and snow on it made it shimmer through the glimpses of the sunshine.  The trellis on the garden wall was so magical we wanted to bring it home and build a folly to house them!

Everyone and everything was caught by surprise by the sudden snowstorm.  This climbing vine across from the apartment window made us think of the snow we add to our Christmas trees so soft and puffy. This just cascades down the side of the building and softens the hard edges.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tales of a Decorator- Bette Davis style

This is just hysterical and goes to the public perception of what we do.  I'm just sorry the show never made it past the pilot...great interiors though, don't you think?

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