Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beginning to Look like Spring

 I couldn't resist some lovely flowers from the Farmers Market today. I'm afraid I missed the cherry blossoms so almond blossoms will have to do in my tall etched glass vase.
Don't you love having fresh flowers in your home?
A' Bientot!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Favorite Paris Dining Hide-a-way

Do you know this special restaurant on tiny Rue de Lanneau?  My father first took me here.  It was fun to watch him duck through the short passageways as we wound through the rooms to the corner the maitre'd had selected for us.
The restaurant is housed in many old homes from the Moyen period- the middle ages.  Each rooms offers a different experience but all charming and intimate.  The food is good too!
I just made reservations for my summer voyage with the girls.  I think they will love it too and its within walking distance of our apartment on the I'le.
Do you have a favorite restaurant in a hidden corner of Paris?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Are You Coming Too?

Duchess and I are thrilled to be attending this years Remnants of the Past!  We've made our reservations and it looks like a great show this year.  We love catching up with old friends who have wonderful things to tempt us.   Eric and Danielle from Euro Linens collects the best old bedding from across Europe which we love to use as slipcovers.  We have even had them dyed.  William will be there with his collection of french club chairs and things he picks up in his travels for Williams Antiks.  There looks like new vendors this year too.  To top it off the unbelievable Brooke Giannetti will be there signing her book along with Susan Branch.  We adore all of Susan's books and use the Tea one all the time.  We can't wait!
Please let us know if you are going too.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bonjour Nos Amis

Well it's going to happen.  We're doing a Paris tour in October of this year.  We will proceed on a First Come, First Served basis, and probably top out at 6 people. We haven't yet decided on the Theme of this one, and it will depend on the feedback we receive from you.  Maybe we will focus on "First-timers."  Maybe we will focus on Antiquing/Shopping, and Flea-Marketing.  Let us know what you would LOVE to see and do in Paris.  And let's set about the business of making memories, shall we?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Latest Covet

We could build a new room around these!  Can you just imagine a garden room with these as the walls and  flooring of beautiful belgium pavers waxed to a sheen.  The furniture would be peely painted iron outdoor furniture with overstuffed down cushions in a natural linen with throw pillows in ancient worn tapestries and brocades.  Chandeliers would hang from the tree boughs and be lit by candles and well worn persian carpets are strewn on the pavers. Greenery and white flowers, perhaps with lilacs and peonies in terracotta pots....hum...a girl can dream- oui?