Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Purse That Gerard Bought

Okay, yeah it's big.  But I don't hear Bird complaining when she has "flea market" blisters and wonders if I happen to have a Band-Aid.  Or has a little foie gras in her teeth and desperately needs floss.  Or how about a stray hair on the chinny chin...  Tweezers?  Mais oui!  But the poor shop-keepers!   They are horrified as they watch me meander through  tiny aisles of crystal and china, and I believe I hear sighs of relief when I leave.  But here's the thing:  Gerard Butler bought me this huge purple leather bag.  When we were kids, Bird's mother used to wrap up a lovely gift for herself and put it under the Christmas tree, "from Frank Sinatra."  Bird continued this tradition with her annual gift from "Pierce Brosnan."  Last year I believe it was a lovely cashmere throw, but don't tell her husband.  I saw this lovely bag and just knew that Gerard wanted me to have it.  He loves me this much, you see.   So, walk softly and carry a big bag.  Your friends will thank you.
A bientot, mes amis
The Bag Lady


  1. I love the idea! And will so be getting something from Robert Pattinson this year.:)

  2. Hmmm. What a great idea. I think Pat Burrell of the SF Giants will buy me something lovely this Christmas.

  3. What wonderful idea!:) Me, I can't even carry a regular sized purse in shops and stalls, too clumsy, so I resort to a tiny bag looped around my neck with cash and lipgloss. But I applaud you for wielding that great bag around, it's a stunner. Merry Christmas, ladies! Hope you have a lovely time with those you love, xo Lidy