Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preparing for Our Company

Besides all the tree trimming, baking, entertaining and decorating that is d'rigeur for this time of year, Duchess and I love to prepare the guest rooms for our guests.  We have traveled widely and know what pleases us besides fresh sheets, a stack of fluffy towels and an array of pillows.

We have a few rules we follow to ensure our guests feel like VIPs.
Lighting~ a bedside lamp should be tall enough to read by (the above photo has a low lamp that would just shine in your eyes!)
Comfort~ The closet should be well stocked with extra blankets or quilts in case your guest get chilly during the night.  Try and find some pretty padded or wood hangers for their clothes.  Get the wire ones out of there!  A book you know they will enjoy and a few magazines of their interest is a well received treat.  If you don't have room for a chair and ottoman try to have a luggage rack for them to use while unpacking.  You don't want dirty suitcases on your lovely bed.

Hunger pangs~ It is fun to fill little boxes with treats for your guests to nibble while they read in bed.  We use our florentine boxes and just line them with wax paper.  Y Hard candy, chocolate and homemade cookies would be sure to delight them.  A basket of fresh fruit is welcomed.  Water in a carafe with its own glass is a necessity.

 Things not to forget~  We always have a pretty stack of stationery and a pad of paper and pens beside the bed or in a drawer nearby. With everyone using smart phones it is nice to have a docking station so they can listen to their music selections and charge their phones.  A spare robe and slippers is very well appreciated when theirs is  just too bulky to bring along.

Of course there is always the possibility your guest will not want to leave!

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  1. May I make a reservation????
    Awesome, so welcoming!!!