Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water

What an awful old expression!  But we do wonder why the French make such marvelous enamelware.  We have seen in the US many enamel pieces in white, blue, mossy green and red but leave it to the French to make useful things in pink with a white rim.

 This lovely tub was found at our local brocante early Easter morning before a horrific storm came blasting into the Bay Area.  We found many fun things which we will be adding to our shop as soon as we can photograph everything but we couldn't wait to show you this!  Can't you see it filled with ice for pick lemonade or chilled wines at your next soiree'.  Or perhaps you are giving a shower in the coming months.  You can put the gifts in here or the gift bags.  Of course it would be wonderful planted with flowers too!

Please see what other new things we have added to tempt you at Duchess and Bird!


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