Thursday, February 18, 2010

Duchess & Bird Travels Part 2

Did you figure out where we are?  This small enclave is known for their antiques.  We heard from dealers in Paris that they like to shop here, so voila'-off we went to see for ourselves!

As we rounded the corner we thought, Oh no this could be really bad!  But as we got closer to the place we were to stay we became enthralled with the entrance.  Remember we have not seen this place online or knew the owners as we were transferred to this spot.  But lo and behold!

The owners couldn't have been sweeter and we loved the climb to our suite.

Look at our wonderful room!  We quickly unpacked and set out to explore the area while it was still light.  We also made reservations in the restaurant within this small hotel.  The smells wafting up the stairs was making our mouths water!

I can't wait to show you what we found as we wandered through the town the next day!  Do you know where we are yet???

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