Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Duchess & Bird Travels Part 1

Duchess and I boarded the TGV from Gare Lyon anticipating our trip south.  It was a cold and rainy day but we didn't have time to stop for a cup of tea at Train Bleu that morning.  On the trip to Avignon to meet Phillipe we wondered what treasures we would find in that little town.  We were a bit nervous as the hotel we were to stay had called and they decided to go to Africa but promised we would be pleased with the arrangements they made for us.  We were so disappointed but trusted they would not steer us wrong.  We were met by our friend and driven to the enchanting city at a perfect time- as the light was magical.
As we wandered down a small alley rolling our baggage, we were very concerned the accommodations would be iffy at best.  But the colors were drawing us in and relaxing us.  What was around the next corner? 

As we rounded the bend we came upon the town square with enticing cafes and shops with the majestic church in the center.  We decided to stop for tea before continuing to our quarters.  Have you guessed where we are yet?

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