Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmases Past

We love this week between the holidays as a time to reflect on the past year and those of many years ago. As I sat at the dining table my eyes rested on this antique etched glass hurricane filled with antique glass ornaments. Some are mine from my early youth, some are from my Aunt's tree of the 40's while others graced my family's tree of long ago. They are too fragile to hang on my tree along side the angels but they are so special to me I try and display them in an antique silver bowl or in this hurricane. I will loving put them away New Years Day while everyone watches the parade and games until they reemerge next year.

Every few years Bird adds a Christmas book to her collection that has touched her. This year "Madeline's Christmas" was added to commemorate the birth of our granddaughter. We reads the stories or leaf through them with our grandson just as we did with our boys. Of course, the "Polar Express" is there along with old time favorites such as Dickens. Perhaps it's time to find a large basket to hold them all next year. Ah the hunt is one!

Bird and Duchess wish you a Happy, Healthy and Loving 2010!
Bonne Annee!

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  1. Beautiful ornaments. And of course what a precious tradition with the Christmas books!