Friday, November 13, 2009

The Magic Of Autumn

Here at Duchess & Bird the autumn is our favorite time of the year, our favorite season. The cool evenings, crisp days and most especially the colors are so comforting to us. It's time to make a pot of stew and a family favorite soup. This amazing home has always celebrated the season with piles of homegrown gourds.

It's a season of quiet. It's about families gathering and sharing a meal just like our ancestors have for generations. There will be stories of going to Grandmas or friends and what was traditionally served. The youngest will be hearing the stories for the first time and the oldest may have forgotten some of the lore.

We remember our past mostly by the smells they say. Well to us the fall smells were burning leaves, apple pies and hot spiced cider. We wish we could find a candle that most resembles that!

Cherish your memories and pass them on to your next generation. We hope you will enjoy this season as much as we do before the rush and excitement of the next.

From our homes to yours,
Duchess & Bird

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